The Unbeatable Advantage of This Personal Coaching

More accurately, this coaching is basically a personal training journey... fully 1-on-1 where I take you through all the materials, answer your questions and truly educate you... practically and hands on... so that you become a solid digital marketer in 4 months.

If you commit... I can promise you that everyone will be shocked by the depth and breadth of your knowledge and expertise. And if you manage your potential well... it will certainly have a long lasting impact on your life and career.

How Does It Work?

STEP 1 - You Ask More Questions

Before you commit to buying this coaching... you and I need to have a discovery call where you know exactly what I can offer you and I know exactly what you want to achieve. If we click... you can purchase.

So... when you are ready... get in touch with me on Linkedin

STEP 2 - How, when and where?

Once you have purchased the coaching, we will together schdule your coaching schedule. The objective is to complete 48 hours in 4 months.

Ideally... we will set a weekly cadence so we are both committed to a schedule and do this with full commitment.

The calls can be on Zoom, Microsoft Teams... whatever works and even in-person if you are located close by and you are willing to come over!


48 Hours of Personal (1-on-1) digital marketing education

Live demos and hands-on practice

Discussions, brainstorming, research and planning

Assignments & projects with live reviews

As many questions as you need to ask

Case studies of actual projects from my experience

More details on our call

About Me

My name is Muhammad Talha and I help companies and brands make sense of the world of marketing and help them use its power to grow their business.

I have over 16 years of hands on experience and I can help you become an expert every aspect of digital marketing (from strategy to analytics to social media to content to email to SEO to advertising) so that you get full command over the discipline.

I am committed to good leadership and to helping people achieve their best. So I can train you to develop the attitudes, ethics and perspectives you need to be the best version of yourself.

You will become a marketer who will know what needs to be done to execute successful campaigns, how resources need to be deployed to achieve success and how psychology & brain science can be used to improve everthing about your marketing and your life!

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